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Matrix Seating supplies specialist seating, head supports, and cervical collars.
HEAD SUPPORTS Panda Bear wheelchair headrest with bilateral extensions
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I think very highly of your products. One of the great benefits of the Matrix back is that it can be reused, and consequently, it is a very attractive proposition especially with the current financial situation. Our clients report to us that they like the Matrix back because of the support it gives and it enables more of them to be seen than other systems. It is not an isolated statement that our clients are made to feel less visibly disabled. Your products are only excelled by the support I get from yourselves.
G. Burton, Rehab Engineer at Walsall NHS

Dear Sir/Madam,

Earlier this year I purchased a Collar from you to try and limit the neck and shoulder pain I always experience for some weeks after long distance flying.

I have just returned from a round the world trip including several 12 hour flights, using your Collar and I am delighted to report that I have no resulting pain. Previous attempts with other neck braces failed completely. I can therefore strongly recommend your Collar for flight comfort.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Maurice L.